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A floor screed are cementitious material made from a 1:3 or 1:4.5 ratio of cement to sharp sand. It may be applied onto either a solid in-situ concrete ground floor slab or onto a precast concrete floor unit. It is very important process for a proper flow of liquid to a Floor Waste. And, we are expertise and professional in doing this job.

Laying Tiles

Laying a new tile floor and wall is well within the scope of EMBEE Tilers, but a successful job requires careful preparation, an understanding of how the various tasks are properly done and attention to details. And, we think EMBEE tillers are the best in the market to complete the assigned job with no hassle.


Waterproofing your wet areas are extremely important, and it really pays to be careful taking this step. That sounds scary,but it’s actually very easy: easier than painting a wall, and – as long it is done by a professional tillers. A good Waterproofing Kit will contain almost everything you need, that EMBEE tiling are holding, we choose the best product in the market.